Body Acne: Four Steps To Clearer Skin

body acneIt wouldn’t be ACNE WEEK on the MB blog without a discussion about body acne. Primarily located on the back and chest, body acne can happen anywhere on the skin that has hair follicles (pores). For a lot of people with body acne, the condition can be both physically uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Let’s review some basic steps to clear up body acne. These tips may seem super-simple, but, when followed consistently, they’ll make a major difference in the severity and incidence of body acne.

Here it is, STEP ONE: Take a look at the clothes you wear closest to your skin. Are they mostly made of synthetic fabrics that don’t ‘breathe’ well? Switch to cotton undershirts, pajamas and tops.

STEP TWO: Try to take a shower after exercising. Sweat is the perfect breeding ground for the type of bacteria that is responsible for acne.

STEP THREE: Think about what you’re washing your body with. You’ll want to avoid harsh, drying bar soaps and also steer clear of granular scrubs. Your body wash should, however, offer a chemical exfoliant such as an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Our AHA Botanical Body Soap is a good choice.

STEP FOUR: Extend your skin care regimen past your face by using a mask twice a week (our Drying Mask would be ideal) as well as other acne treatment products. You can always use a Drying Lotion or Drying Cream to spot-treat acne breakouts on your body, as well as the Buffering Lotion (for Cystic body acne).

Give these steps a try and tell us about your progress!

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